In Pursuit of A Limitless Life

Kion is a new and progressive company that was introduced to the public last year, by Ben Greenfield its founder & CEO. Ben has been named as one of the world’s top 100 most influential people in health and fitness, and by 2015, Ben was coaching the world’s top CEO’s, chefs, biohackers, poker players, tennis, motocross and endurance competitors, and professional athletes from the UFC, the NHL, the NBA, the NFL and beyond – all while advising and investing in top companies in the health, fitness and nutrition industry. Alright know let’s get back to his company – Kion. Kion combines ancient wisdom & modern science seamlessly in the pursuit of complete mind, body, & spirit optimization. They create and deliver products, information, entertainment, coaching, consulting, and a global community for anyone who wants to discover and experience the pinnacle of health, performance, and longevity, and to live an adventurous, fulfilling, joyful and limitless life as a fully optimized human.

Kion’s Mission

The entire Kion blueprint is currently being built and implemented between now and 2020. This is not going to be completed easily, here is the Kion mission statement:1

“Kion empowers all human beings who want to live life to the fullest with every solution necessary for complete mind, body and spirit optimization. By blending ancient wisdom with modern science to create cutting-edge, research-proven, trench-tested solutions, we empower the world’s high achievers, health seekers, and life enthusiasts to live an adventurous, fulfilling, joyful and limitless life at the pinnacle of health, performance, and longevity.”

What Kion Is and What They Do?1

“Kion provides a complete and balanced mind-body-spirit approach to living life to the fullest, built upon a unique blend of ancient wisdom, modern science and rigorous, real life testing. We create and deliver products, information, entertainment, coaching, consulting, and a global community for anyone who wants to discover and experience the pinnacle of health, performance and longevity, and to live an adventurous, fulfilling, joyful and limitless life as a fully optimized human.”

Who Are the People That Work At Kion?1

Those who work for Kion, employees & coaches, know what makes humans happy: elements such as social connections, adventures, the outdoors, movement, meditation, mindfulness, love, joy and peace. All make it a point to practice these every day of our lives. They also value honesty, integrity and creativity. Like our customers, we are hackers, hard-charging, high-achievers and health seekers. Kion scratches the itch of everything we crave in life.

Kion is A Health, Wellness, & Fitness Community

The Kion community is striving to provide something different and better than most. Customer service should be beyond comparable to other companies. When customers like you (possibly) have an order question, they ask how your day is going and you never sit on hold. You should never visit the website for a product and don’t have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered by helpful FAQ or live chat support. Kion provides your trusted, one-stop-shop source for consulting and coaching with a trusted and trained expert, for being entertained and educated by our articles, audios and videos, for finding supplements tailor-made to your specific needs, tested in the trenches and proven by science, and for interacting and communicating with a tribe of people who want to live a limitless life just like you. Whenever something isn’t working in your body or your brain, the coaches at Kion are your go-to source to discover what’s not working and how to fix it. We solve things for people when everything else isn’t working for them.

The Kion Tribe

The culture of the Kion Company is like that of a tribe, not in a creepy cult sort of way, but in a socially supportive, identity-bestowing, fun and creative sort of way. The people that are a part of the Kion culture are casual, hip and progressive, very open to new ideas, and very cutting-edge yet outside-the-box. They are fearless and bold, the first-to-act and to embrace tactics and techniques like guerilla marketing, viral videos, and creative content. Those at Kion love to travel and adventure. They often travel around the world to the very same type of events our founder Ben Greenfield uses to fuel his extreme passion for living limitlessly – yoga retreats, adventure races, exotic beach triathlons, plant medicine journeys, silent meditation getaways, mind-blowing concerts, grueling fights and steep mountains. Even when they vacation, they live life to the fullest.

Achieve Complete Mind, Body, & Spiritual Optimization

I’d like for you to imagine having an optimized body. From gut to muscles to joints, everything works the way it is supposed to. Imagine an optimized mind. You think clearly, with no brain fog, and a sharp, keen ability to learn and communicate. Imagine an optimized spirit. You have the invisible elements necessary for happiness, longevity, meaning, purpose and direction in life. This complete mind, body and spirt optimization and new health revolution are exactly what we envision and what we are now creating – what we have already created – in the form of Kion. Lastly, I have ended by saying we because I am part of the Kion Tribe. I am one of Kion coaches that provide solutions for optimizing body, mind, and spirit. Please if you want to learn more visit Kion’s website getkion.com2 or if you’re interested in coaching to achieve complete mind, body, & spiritual optimization visit there coaching page –


Fact of the Week

An average Western diet consisting of an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of 20:1.4

This is far, far different from the evolutionary ratio of 1:1. This change in fatty acid composition and ratios in the human diet parallels the massive increase in overweight and obese populations. The increase in the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3s leads to an overall increase in the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, chronic inflammation, and inflammatory diseases.5