Rose B

Rose B made some amazing changes in just 77 days! Actually, we think these photos don't quite do it justice. The additional muscle tone that comes out in the gym is beyond impressive! Congrats Rose!

Bernardo N

Bernardo held on to a ton of muscle while losing 18.4lbs... all in 77 days.

Cory L

My experience with Ki'netik Fitness began when my wife (who is also a member) took it upon herself to sign me up for a training program that Ki'netik was offering in preparation for the 2012 Pittsburgh half marathon. She had been a member for almost 2 years at that point and had seen great success, so I (reluctantly) agreed to participate.  When I walked through the doors at Ki'netik fitness, I weighed in at 258 lbs and it had been almost 6 years since I was involved in any type of regular exercise program. I knew that first workout would be tough but having been an athlete most of my life, and no stranger to the gym, I felt confident that I could handle it. Tough was an understatement to say the least and that confidence was shaken rather quickly. Looking back on it, I realized that this first workout was a crossroads for me. Had it been in an environment where I felt alone, I don’t know if I could have gotten over the realization of how out of shape I had become.

If not for the fact that I was with a group of individuals overcoming the same obstacles, working towards common goals, it would have been all too easy for me skip the next class. That, to me, is the main difference at Ki’netik Fitness.Great people and great coaches that support and care about you and your goals. I made it to the next class, and over 600 more since then. Within the first three months I was able to take off 30 lbs and finish the 2012 Pittsburgh half marathon. In the time since, I’ve shed another 40 lbs while adding more lean muscle than I’ve had since my early 20’s. I’ve also competed in numerous races and multiple Tough Mudder events finishing right alongside guys that are still in their early 20’s. The workouts at Ki’netik are specifically designed for overall health, fitness, strength and endurance.They change daily and are coached by individuals who know what they are doing- taking all the guesswork out of the experience, letting you focus on what you are there to do, and getting you on with your day. For someone needing to balance the demands of a work schedule with the activities of three young children as well, that time savings makes a huge difference. I would recommend Ki’netik fitness to ANYONE that is looking to improve their heath and overall fitness level. Not only will you gain the results you set out for, but also many new friendships and the support that will keep you on the path for years to come. - Cory Lovrak May 2015


Cat M

"I have struggled with my weight since my early 20's; and I have never been "little."   Starting at age 22, I have been through personal trainers,  fitness classes, gym memberships, and had given into buying home exercise machines - I just got bored and failed miserably.  I was actually to the point where I thought I was "ok" with my weight.  But I was never truly happy, I was just giving up -  Until I found Ki'netik.  Ki'netik has given me a whole new outlook on fitness.  I started at Ki'netik  as an employee and was asked to try the workouts so that I could speak first-hand to potential members. I did that and I absolutely loved them, but I never really gave it my all until we started the 8 week challenge in January. Stepping on that scale, to be honest, was a little scary. My weigh in? 182 lbs. 182 lbs!! Really? I honestly couldn't believe I weighed that much. I had to do something.

I had to work harder, push harder, and truly feel confident and better about myself.  I can say that it didn't come easy. I think if it was easy, everyone would be effortlessly doing it.  The workouts were really difficult for me at first.  But I loved that I had a trainer, always there, making sure my posture was good and that I was doing things correctly.  I was definitely intrigued when I started realizing how the workouts started to get easier for me.  During the 8 week challenge, I lost 26 lbs! I was mesmerized. I have never lost that much so fast. But it didn't happen all at once. I gave it time, patience, and a lot of effort and I slowly progressed into this healthy lifestyle. I just felt completely better! I was supported immensely throughout my whole journey from our K team, members, family and friends. Not only did I become an employee at Ki'netik but I also gained a fitness family. I didn't give up after the challenge, I'm still going strong! Today I weighed in at 142 -  now down 40 lbs! I am truly inspired and completely in awe of how far I have come. I will never again give up hope- Ki'netik showed me that I can do it!"  - Cat Murnyack May 2015


Mary S

Mary weighed back in early, which makes this crazy transformation even more impressive! Congrats Mary!